Dr George Chapman

BSc Civil Engineering, 1961; PhD Civil Engineering, 1964

My career experiences since graduating from the University of Birmingham are: three years John Laing Construction to become chartered engineer, three years technical public relations, five years in commercial development (acquisitions) in sand and gravel/ready-mixed concrete industry, 14 years setting up and running group of industrial mineral companies, three years corporate management, nine years management consultancy in strategic planning and acquisitions for major companies, 12 years so far in retirement.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

I'm free to do whatever I like. 

How has your career developed since graduating from the University of Birmingham?

My degree enabled me to become a Chartered Civil Engineer and supplemented later by a Diploma in Management Studies took me into management in related industries.

During indentureship with John Laing I became active in the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, becoming a Member of Council at a young age.  Later I became similarly active in the Institute of Directors until my retirement.

What motivates you?

Involvement in the affairs of whatever organisation I become involved in be it professional or community based such as Round Table, Rotary or local government.

And seeing my ideas being implemented to good effect.

What was the best thing about your time here as a PhD student?

 Worked hard, played hard - I was Entertainments Chairman and President of the Basketball Team.

In what way did living and studying in Birmingham live up to your expectations?

Didn't have any expectations except determination to get high academic achievement within time limit whilst having a good time.

 George Chapman


We Are (Third Width)

How did you grow as a person by coming to University?

It was simply a phase of continuing to grow starting with progress at co-educational Grammar School through to a professional working life, then business management and development and into prosperous retirement.

George reminisces on his time at university...

“Being involved with the Student’s Union from the very start - the Guild Theatre Group Stage Staff, Photographic Society, Entertainments Committee (Chairman), Guild News, Students Rags and much more . i had a very full social life!”