Tom Goodman

BSc Computer Science, 2018
Currently studying for a PhD in signal processing of acoustic musical signals

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Tom graduated with a BSc in Computer Science in 2018 and is now a PhD student in the School. He is heavily involved with the Computer Science Society and spends much of his time building relationships with the Birmingham Tech Community in order to offer great experience and opportunities for students. He is also Co-Founder of HackTheMidlands, a 24-hour invention marathon.

In this interview he offers advice to get involved with extra-curricular activities to enhance your CV. He also shares details on the undergraduate degree and some of his favourite things about the University.

We Are (Third Width)

Tom Goodman, computer science graduate and PhD student

Advice from Tom

“Go and get experience outside of the course. Go to hackathons and talks and workshops, learn new things and meet new people. As well as that do summer internships; they're a great way to get experience.”