Role Model of the Year

Rohan Hornsby


Rohan’s tenure as President of CivSoc has been exemplary. Like many presidents in the face of the pandemic, Rohan quickly realised that he would need to be more flexible, creative, and resilient than he’d envisaged to achieve the goals he had for the year. He accomplished this with ease. Rohan started work immediately to ensure that Civil Engineering students felt no less a community with the shift to a new bi-modal education. With Rohan’s leadership, CivSoc were able to organise ongoing online socials, support their members’ endeavours – such as charity runs – and offer industry connections wherever possible. Rohan also ensured that the relationship between the society and the academic department continued to grow. Rohan did not just strive to give members as full of a university experience as possible, he became a source of unending support and kindness for any students who found themselves struggling. Rohan made a point of identifying individual members of his society who needed extra peer support. He took the time to speak to these students one-to-one and signposted them to where they could find the additional help and resources that they needed. Covering every base, Rohan also took the additional measure of seeking advice from staff to ensure that the information he was providing was accurate and up to date, whilst maintaining the privacy of the students concerned. Nothing is too much for Rohan and his kindness knows no bounds, making him one of the best role models the EPS Community has.