The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Claudio Mauro

Leonard Deacon Lecture theatre, 1st Floor, Medical School (B1), Online - Registration via Zoom
Wednesday 21 June 2023 (16:30-17:30)

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Professor Claudio Mauro

You are invited to attend the inaugural lecture of Professor Claudio Mauro, from the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, entitled: 'Never have I ever...MADE AN IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY'. 

This is a hybrid event, which may be attended either in person or via the Zoom livestream. Please indicate in the registration form above how you will be attending the lecture. Those attending via the livestream will also need to register via Zoom to receive access to the livestream link.

I trained as biochemist and cellular biologist before starting to approach immunological questions, motivated by a ‘renaissance’ in the interest in metabolism in widespread fields of the basic and clinical science. I will take you through the journey of how I got to my professorship, from the early life in a remote village in southern Italy to the career steps I took. I will also tell you a little about the journey of my group into immunometabolism, i.e. the interconnections between metabolic and inflammatory pathways and how systemic and local metabolic alterations in diseases with an inflammatory component (e.g. autoimmune and cardiovascular) lead to aberrant immune cell responses, which favour both the establishment and the propagation of inflammation.

Introduction to Claudio's inaugural lecture