The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Tariq Iqbal

Leonard Deacon Lecture theatre, 1st Floor, Medical School (B1)
Wednesday 5 June 2024 (16:30-17:30)

Please contact Yvonne Dawson with any queries or for further information.

tariq iqbal
Professor Tariq Iqbal

You are invited to attend the inaugural lecture of Professor Tariq Iqbal, from the Institute of Microbiology and Infection, entitled: 'Manipulating our ancient co-habiting microbiomes; early steps'.

My research interest in the gut microbiome was triggered by helplessness in the face of the Clostridiodes difficile pandemic in 2006-2007 and the realisation that something as crude as transplantation of faeces (FMT) from a healthy person to a patient suffering with crippling diarrhoea could rapidly cure that person. This clinical need was the beginning of a 10 year journey to establish a national FMT treatment resource in the NHS and the use of this treatment in clinical trials of inflammatory bowel disease. This work has led to some early insights into the ancient relationship between our resident gut bugs and the immune system and how imbalance in this community of microbes can lead to difficult chronic diseases. 

This lecture is open to all.