Being a dental hygienist or therapist

Two dental hygiene therapists working on a patient

The following resources, professional and student profiles, provide a starting point for you to get a further insight into the career of a dental hygienist and therapist and studying dental hygiene and therapy at university. Don’t forget to actively engage with the resources you are accessing by keeping a record in your reflective diary

NHS Health Careers

These NHS Health Careers sections gives an insight into the working life of a dental therapist and dental hygienist, their roles in the dental team and some real-life stories. 

National Careers 

These National Careers sections provide information on how to become and what it takes to be a dental hygienist or therapist, as well as career path and progression. 

British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy

The BSDHT provides information for applicants considering training to become a dental hygienist or therapist. 

British Association of Dental Therapists

The BADT provides an overview of what Dental Therapists do and provides links to all of the educational institutions who provide training.

Take a look at our professional profiles to see what it is like being a Dental Hygienist and Therapist.

Professional profiles