Being a nurse

Male trainee nurse looking over a dummy whilst two female trainee nurses are with a dummy in the backgroundThe following resources, professional and student profiles, provide a starting point for you to get a further insight into the career of a nurse and studying nursing at university. Don’t forget to actively engage with the resources you are accessing by keeping a record in your reflective diary

NHS Health Careers

The NHS Nursing Careers site has information about what nurses do and how to apply and get your career started. 

National Careers Service

This Government careers website has lots of information on how to become a nurse, what nurses do and career opportunities. 

Royal College of Nursing - Becoming a Nurse

This Royal college of Nursing site has lots of information on becoming a nurse. 

Royal College of Nursing- Nursing Careers Resource

This Royal College of Nursing careers page is mostly aimed at qualified staff but has some useful information generally. Blog

This blog has got some useful information if you are thinking of changing your career to nursing. 

Target Careers

Lots of really good information here on the different types of nursing and how to qualify as a nurse.

Professional profiles

Take a look at our professional profiles to see what it is like being a nurse.

Professional profiles