Being a pharmacist

Two pharmacological students taking liquid out of a bottle using a pipette in a labThe following resources, professional and student profiles, provide a starting point for you to get a further insight into the career of a pharmacist and studying pharmacy at university. Don’t forget to actively engage with the resources you are accessing by keeping a record in your reflective diary.  

Health Careers Pharmacist

This NHS Health Careers section gives an insight into the working life of a pharmacist, roles in the pharmacy team and some real-life stories. 

Explore Careers Pharmacist

This National Careers section provides information on how to become and what it takes to be a dentist, as well as career path and progression. 

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

The RPS provides some excellent information on becoming and being a pharmacist. 

General Pharmaceutical Council

The GPC also provides career guidance and information about where you can study pharmacy. 

UK Clinical Pharmacy Association

You can use this website, and particularly the news section, to keep up to date with developments in pharmacy.