PERCAT Masterclass Funder Calls and Eligibility

IBR Seminar Room (N143) Medical School
Wednesday 20 February 2019 (13:00-14:00)

We are pleased to announce the first PERCAT Masterclass for 2019 will be held on Wednesday 20 February at 1.00-2.00pm in the IBR Seminar Room.  Dr Myriam Chimen (Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow), Dr Sovan Sarkar (Birmingham Fellow) and Helen Williams (Research Facilitator R&KT Office) will present this session.

The Masterclass is aimed at postdocs and early career researchers seeking to understand current fellowship opportunities and early career funding schemes. Helen Williams will talk about available funding and eligibility. The Masterclass will also explore some of the pathways to establishing yourself as an independent researcher. Myriam Chimen and Sovan Sarkar will talk about their experiences and the funding pathways that they have followed. Helen will also explain the support that is available through the MDS Fellowship Academy.

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