Professional Services in The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences covers a broad range of teaching and research across seven Schools. The College plays a significant role in creating new knowledge, training new generations of engineers and scientists, and interfacing with industry.

As Director of Operations, Dr Emma Melia is responsible for directing and developing the College’s operations and administration and is part of the College’s Senior Management Team and a member of the Registrar’s Leadership Group. The Operations Team deliver the Professional Services to support academic colleagues in their teaching and research activities.

Dr Emma Melia

Dr Emma Melia

Director of Operations

“By working in partnership with our academic colleagues Professional Services teams support the College to deliver its strategic objectives in relation to its core activities of teaching, research and business engagement.”

The team also provides support services for our students, from application to graduation, as well as to visitors and external partners. This includes providing specialist expertise across a range of activities including: technical support for teaching and research; research and knowledge transfer to identify, develop and deliver research funding opportunities; and marketing to help enhance the reputation of the Schools.

Key People

Dr Emma Melia
Director of Operations
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 7841

Mark Jeffery
Deputy Director of Operations (Administration)

Sheila Boniface
Deputy Director of Operations (Education)
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 5088

Gareth Pugh
Deputy Director of Operations (Innovation)

Antony Jones
Head of Infrastructure and Facilities
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 8518
Mobile: (+44) (0)7393 890751

Bryan Fryer
Head of Operations, School of Chemistry
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 2827 

Sarah Fleming
Head of Operations, School of Chemical Engineering
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 6603

Hayley Grey
Head of Operations, School of Computer Science
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 8814

Irina Hoffman
Head of Operations, School of Metallurgy & Materials
Tel: (+44) (0) 121 414 4563

Ali Wright
Head of Operations, School of Engineering
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 4138

Martha Campos
Operations Manager, School of Mathematics
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 7973

Anna Jenkin
Head of Operations, School of Physics & Astronomy
Tel: (+44) (0) 121 414 4559

Dr David Boardman
College Head of Strategic Projects

Guy Giles 
Finance Business Partner
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 6709

Mark Cooke
College Head of IT
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 4674

Iwona Spill
EPS Research Development Manager 
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 5158

Emma Stanway
College Head of HR
Tel: (+44) (0)121 415 8314

Rebecca Tringham
College Planning Partner
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 7857

Grace Surman
College Alumni Relations Manager
Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 9037

Rachel Ellis
College Marketing and Communications Manager
Tel: (+44) (0) 121 415 1073