DBS research passports

A Research Passport is an NHS system for issuing honorary research contracts (HRCs) or letters of access (LOA) to HEI researchers who need to undertake their research within the NHS. The research passport provides evidence of the pre-engagement checks undertaken on the researcher in line with NHS Employment Check Standards; and NHS to NHS arrangements for sharing and accepting pre-engagement checks between NHS organisations when NHS staff wish to undertake research within the NHS outside of their employing Trust.

 Your supervisor will be able to confirm if you require a research passport for the research you are undertaking as a student at the University of Birmingham.

If a DBS Disclosure is required as part of the NHS Research Passport, the Research Passport, once completed, will need to be sent to the Admissions Office to complete Section 5. Please send the Research Passport to dbsteam-admissions@contacts.bham.ac.uk with the email subject as “Research Passport Enquiry”. In order for us to be able to complete section 5 we will require the original DBS Disclosure carried out by the University of Birmingham, the original Occupational Health Clearance (if required) and an email or signed letter from the Supervisor to confirm the following questions:

Supervisor to confirm the following questions:

  •  Does the research involve working with children and/or adults?
  •  Has photographic ID been checked?
  •  Have two references been provided?
  •  Has verification of permission to work/study in the UK been checked?
  •  Have any gaps in employment been explored?

Please Note: If a DBS Disclosure issued by the University of Birmingham is not required as part of the Research Passport, section 5 of the research passport will need to be completed by a suitable representative of the College. If you have any queries around the Research Passport process, please contact your Academic Supervisor or the relevant NHS trust for further guidance.

Members of staff who require a research passport will need to contact Human Resources.