Our Digital Strategy

Over the next decade, our aspiration is to establish Birmingham in the top 50 of the world’s leading universities

High-quality digital services and infrastructure are crucial to the teaching, research and innovation ambitions of the Birmingham 2030 Strategic Framework. In recognition of this, the University is investing in technology for us to develop and enhance our digital environments. Our Digital Strategy sets out how we will do that. 

The strategy is a culmination of engagement, socialisation and discussion with our University customers as well as extensive benchmarking, service review and customer feedback. It provides a values and principles based approach to what we work on; provides all IT Services staff with a single, clear mission; and identifies a series of four strategic themes through which we will prioritise our work.  

Our Mission

IT Services' mission is to enable our university community to confidently and creatively use digital services, technology and data for the benefit of teaching, learning and research. 

Our Values

We work according to the Birmingham 2030 shared University values. We are ambitious, innovative, open, collaborative, and responsible.

We are firmly focussed on making IT happen.

Our Principles 

Balanced Investment

We will always factor in ongoing costs for everything we do

Always up to date

We will reduce risk through appropriate maintenance

Cloud Adoption

We will consider cloud solutions first

Trusted Partnerships

We will focus on the areas that make the most difference

Strong Foundations

We will use standard approaches and controls

Buy Before Build

We will configure rather than customise

Customer Experience

We will develop all solutions in collaboration with our community

Service Excellence

We will support self-service and deliver efficiently and silently

Our Strategic Themes

Increasing University EfficiencyStrong Foundations for our Digital FutureSupporting our Global CommunityContinuously Improving Everyone's Experience

Automation, self-service and simplification enables our community to focus on their learning, transforming education, or delivering research

Our systems and services are reliable, resilient, and secure by design. They, and our people, are well prepared for our digital future

We enable flexibility and effective collaboration within our global university context

We are proud of the excellent service we offer, striving always to improve. We listen to our customers, working with them to develop and support the solutions they need

We will:

  • Implement new automation function
  • Automate testing for all projects
  • Smart campus initiatives with Estates
  • Improve self-service: AI & Chatbots
  • Consolidate our Apps Ecosystem
  • Enhance data integration for analysis
  • Simplify and streamline our processes

We will:

  • Foster staff and student digital capabilities
  • Improve network: high performing, resilient
  • Improve structure, standards and processes
  • Enhance operational security and improve external security certification
  • Implement regular update and maintenance
  • Introduce Supplier Relationship Management
  • Reduce technical debt

 We will:

  • Introduce annual competitor benchmarking
  • Increase cloud-based platforms
  • Optimise support model for global
  • Embed the standard set of digital tools
  • Enhance product management based approach to service delivery
  • Extend portfolio management approach

We will:

  • Introduce and maintain long term product roadmaps for high value systems
  • Reduce and promote system portfolio
  • Enhance use of analytics in decision making
  • Improve IT focus on Excellence, Experience and Engagement
  • Continue IT People & Culture improvement
  • Enhance continuous improvement initiatives

We will monitor performance through:

  • Manual effort saved through process automation
  • Campus cost savings realised through intelligent campus data

We will monitor performance through:

  • Reduction in P1 and Major Incidents
  • Reduction in security incidents
  • Reduction in incidents opened (skills based)

We will monitor performance through:

  • Increase percentage of cloud based systems
  • Increased percentage of hours per week with IT support

We will monitor performance through:

  • NSS Survey Results
  • Cubane Survey Results
  • IT Service Standards