Vice-Chancellor's Review Process

The quinquennial Vice-Chancellor’s Review process is a strategic and integrated peer review, providing a picture of the performance of a whole School or Professional Service and its contribution to enhancing the University’s performance in line with the Strategic Framework.

For Schools it encompasses an overview of teaching quality; research quality; market demand; external and internal future challenges; structure and processes; people and resources; and strategic integration. It also identifies income generation opportunities or efficiencies.

The VC Review replaces the School Quality Review (SQR), Comprehensive Programme Review (CPR) and Strategic Research Review (SRR). It forms the cornerstone of the University’s periodic review of learning and teaching, building on annual review and supplemented by other risk-based reviews. A key element of School Reviews is the Initial Appraisal Meeting, which provides an additional opportunity for the detailed scrutiny of education issues through a range of performance data and information relating to education.

For Professional Service, the Review considers issues of Service structure and staffing, plus resilience and future-proofing, benchmarks against other Universities or sectors, identifies opportunities for income generation or efficiencies and make recommendations for improvements or enhancements.

Critically, given the wide scope of the VC Review process, each individual review will focus on key priority areas identified through discussions with the School/Service, College, University Senior Management and Panel Chair.

Key Contacts

Vice Chancellor's Review Officer

Tamara Glenn
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 8260

Vice Chancellor's Review Administrator

Anne Barber
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 4631