Executive Support

The Executive Support division is led by the Chief of Staff and brings together several teams that support the running of the institution, working closely with members of the University Executive Board in particular.

The teams in the division can be found listed below. Between them, our teams help to develop the University's future plans, ensure robust and effective decision-making, safeguard regulatory and legislative complicance, are experts in the external policy and political environment, provide vital insight into the University's performance, and deliver significant projects that make a positive difference.

Key Contacts

Chief of Staff

Mark Senior
Email: M.R.Senior@bham.ac.uk

Director of Planning and Performance Insight

Rebecca Lambert
Email: r.lambert@bham.ac.uk

Director of Legal Services

Nicola Cardenas Blanco
Email: N.K.C.Blanco@bham.ac.uk

Head of Strategic Change

Stuart Harvey
Email: s.harvey@bham.ac.uk

Head of Executive Office

Rebecca Lewis
Email: r.lewis.2@bham.ac.uk

Head of Governance

Colette McDonough
Email: C.McDonough@bham.ac.uk

Head of Sustainability

Charmaine Morrell
Email: c.m.morrell@bham.ac.uk