Strategic Change

The Strategic Change Team is responsible for leading and supporting a range of change management and process improvement projects that will contribute to the significant developments and investments that are being undertaken across the breadth of the University’s activity.

The objectives of the team include developing capacity and capability in change management and to co-ordinate and provide expertise and capability for process reviews across the University aimed at leaner processes, reducing bureaucracy and duplication, and freeing up academic time to spend on research and teaching. 

The team’s approach is informed by three key principles:

  • We draw on our skills, knowledge, and expertise to shape and deliver strategically aligned change initiatives.
  • We use our tools and techniques flexibly, choosing those that help us to deliver change successfully.
  • We apply those tools in a way that works in higher education and delivers tangible benefits for students and staff.

Based within the Executive Support division, the team’s current set of projects include the implementation of the New Academic Teaching Year, the Delivering Excellent Service programme within Human Resources and supporting the University’s contribution to the Russell Group’s professional services benchmarking exercise. In the longer term, the team will play an active role in supporting staff involved in managing change within their own areas across the University. 

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