Rethinking backsliding: Workshop

University of Birmingham
Friday 16 June (00:00) - Saturday 17 June 2023 (00:00)

Tim Haughton (

This workshop will bring together leading scholars from around the world to discuss causes, consequences and categorizations of the process of democratic erosion. 


  • Alderman, Petra (University of Birmingham)
  • Chacha, Mwita (University of Birmingham)
  • Cheeseman, Nic (University of Birmingham)
  • Cianetti, Licia (University of Birmingham)
  • Fisher, Jonathan (University of Birmingham)
  • Gandhi, Jennifer (Yale University)
  • Gazibo, Mamoudou (Université de Montréal)
  • Gehrke, Manoel (University of Birmingham)
  • Gisselquist, Rachel (United Nations University - WIDER)
  • Guasti, Petra (Charles University)
  • Haughton, Tim (University of Birmingham)
  • Khaitan, Tarunabh (University of Oxford)
  • Knutsen, Carl Henrik (University of Oslo)
  • Leininger, Julia (German Institute of Development and Sustainability)
  • Lin, Yuxiang (University of Birmingham)
  • Lindberg, Staffan (University of Gothenburg)
  • Schedler, Andreas (Central European University)