Sex, Gender and the Politics of #MeToo Culture

The MAC Birmingham Cannon Hill Park Birmingham B12 9QH
Wednesday 7 November 2018 (19:00-21:00)

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How does gender structure our lives and experiences? How do we understand the complex nature of this current moment? Why is it marked by both progress and a deeply problematic backlash? How can greater gender justice be achieved?

The contemporary social landscape has become characterised by the pronounced visibility of gender issues whether that be through the emergence of the #MeToo movement; the mobilisation of people in the Women’s Marches of 2017-18; numerous protests focused on reproductive rights, for example in Argentina, and the referendum on abortion in Ireland; the requirement for greater transparency by UK companies in reporting gender pay differences; the continued impact of austerity policy on women; the move to define acts of misogyny as hate crimes; and the spread of online abuse directed at women. These are among the wide range of issues now being debated.

This is a highly timely event organised by academics across the University including, Dr Shelley Budgeon, Dr Finola Kerrigan, Dr Amanda Conroy, Frances Rogan, Julie Whiteman and Henry Price. Featuring an interview with leading Guardian journalist, Jason Wilson, a live performance by poet Selina Nwulu and attendees encouraged to contribute towards a crowd-sourcing exhibition, this is an event not to be missed. Through interactive presentations and discussion we will examine ‘common sense’ understandings of gender associated with recent movements, as well as the backlash that they have generated.

Attendees are encouraged to bring with them images and/or texts which they feel relate to their own experiences of gender, and which will contribute towards a crowd-sourced exhibition. Scholars from the University of Birmingham will directly address these items and engage in an audience-generated discussion about their role in culture and society, before ‘speed presenting’ simple academic concepts which can be used to generate understandings of gender in every-day life. 

Who is this event for?

This event is for anyone who is interested in present-day discussions over the boundaries of acceptable sexual conduct, and why this has proven controversial. Through interactive presentations, a workshop and discussion we will examine the complicated mixture of ‘common sense’ and arguments about gender which are the context for recent movements, as well as the backlash that they have generated.


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This event is part of the Festival of Social Science which runs from 3-10 November 2018. See what other events are taking place in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham.