Misogyny in British Politics: Why it happens and how to challenge it

Room G11 - Ground Floor - Alan Walters, University of Birmingham - Edgbaston - B15 2TT
Thursday 10 November 2022 (19:30-21:00)

Why do women in politics experience so much hate and abuse? Join MPs and researchers to find out, and learn how to challenge misogyny.

High profile women in public life, especially in professions historically dominated by men, experience significant amounts of abuse and hate. Why does this misogyny happen? Why is it dismissed or tolerated? Why is it not yet a hate crime? And what can any of us do to challenge it?

Join us for ninety minutes of stories, analysis, and suggestions for activism, as local MPs and social science researchers look into all aspects of life in the public eye when misogyny is part of everyday working life. 


  • (Chair) Dr Scott Taylor, University of Birmingham
  • Preet Gill, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, Shadow Cabinet Minister for International Development
  • Dr Sofia Collignon, Queen Mary University of London
  • Dr Cherry Miller, Lecturer in British and Comparative Politics, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Frankie Rogan, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Birmingham

This event is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science. Spanning the months of October and November a range of interactive virtual and physical events will be free and open to the public.