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Posted 07 January 2021

West Midlands research study reveals attitudes to vaccines

A recent survey undertaken by the University of Birmingham is believed to be the first cross-sectional survey to examine the various factors influencing the uptake of a potential approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Posted 23 December 2020

If not CSR, What?

Much of what passes as Corporate Social Responsibility or 'CSR' is superficial, short term and optional rather than representing the strategic reaffirmation of a company's mission.

Posted 18 December 2020

POLSIS Academic Publishes Book on New Parties

Dr Tim Haughton's co-authored book, The New Party Challenge, examining party politics in Central and Eastern Europe has just been published by Oxford University Press

Posted 11 December 2020

Why We Post

The College of Social Sciences were delighted to welcome Professor Daniel Miller, University College London, to campus on Thursday 27 April 2017 to discuss the anthropology of social media.

Posted 03 December 2020

CSR? No thanks.

When you hear the phrase 'Corporate Social Responsibility', what do you think of? The three most common interpretations of the phrase are so varied in meaning that the words have lost the right to validity.

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