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Posted 21 December 2018

Resetting the rules for primary care and mental health

The rules need resetting in favour of a newly skilled multi-professional front line for mental health care which is designed around people's needs rather than tweaking an outdated primary/secondary care system that is based on faulty assumptions.

Posted 20 December 2018

How is Gatwick Airport vulnerable to drones?

The recent events at Gatwick Airport show how vulnerable airport infrastructure is from the fast-evolving and disruptive technology of unmanned drones. This vulnerability carries with it the risk of accident and injury or even loss of life.

Posted 19 December 2018

Women's mental health: taskforce report

A national taskforce reports on the differences in the way women and men experience mental ill health, and their practical implications for the commissioning and provision of mental health services for women. HSMC's Dr Karen Newbigging contributed to this report.

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