Dujon Smith
Dujon Smith

In this episode of the Decolonial Dialogues mini-series, hear about the importance of representation and what decolonising the business school means from one of the leading voices working within the field of diversity, inclusion and representation within the consulting industry, Dujon Smith.

Birmingham Business School has embarked on a three-year project to decolonise its activities across its various operations, forming part of the mission of the School to embed a culture of responsible business and inclusive values into our teaching, learning and research.

Speaking to students, business leaders, educators and researchers, we understand approaches to decolonisation from different perspectives and the steps that can be taken by all of us, for a more equitable education, and business environment, for us all.

Dujon Smith is the special guest for episode three, along with Birmingham Business School BSc Economics Graduate and Decolonisation Project Student Intern, Susan Njuguna to explore what decolonisation means to business and business leaders today.

Dujon is the Global Co-Lead for Accenture’s Black Founder’s Development Programme, a new initiative helps improve Black communities’ ability to create wealth for those who previously did not have a seat at the table and enable the next generation of innovation. He is passionate about connecting technology, culture and education within communities, and a pivotal member of Birmingham Business School Advisory Board. This conversation between Dujon and Susan explores the importance of decolonising from a business perspective, and how representation within the curriculum can have hugely positive repercussions for universities, businesses and wider industry.

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This episode was produced and hosted by Birmingham Business School’s Decolonisation Project.  The music is from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):  License code: QGWG3Y8D0JBENZSK.