How HEFi makes an impact

See how HEFi's work is having an impact at the University of Birmingham and more widely. HEFi's mission is to support staff to deliver innovative and inclusive research-intensive teaching The aim is to optimise student learning and prepare students for their futures.

Career-long Support

HEFi supports you across a career at the University of Birmingham. From practical, hands-on training for our Postgraduates who teach, to mentoring and support for Principal Fellowship applications, our aim is to have something for everyone. Over 300 members of staff have completed our Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education since it was launched three years ago. Many alumni are now in educational leadership positions and are influencing education on a daily basis.

Our Team

We work across the University on educational and digital development, many of us embedded within College teams to ensure that our work is targeted where and when needed. We are as happy sitting alongside a member of staff and working through a challenge as we are presenting to a large Zoom room on the latest educational theories. We want to make a difference to the professional practice of staff and the learning experience of students. 

Meet the HEFi Team

The Old Gym (Y1), Edgbaston Campus, University of Birmingham

The Old Gym (Y1), Home to HEFi

Demonstrating our impact

We aim to make a difference to education across the University of Birmingham through our work with individuals and teams. Our impact takes many forms: from supporting staff to make a change to their practice to implementing university-wide initiatives that change the ways in which we all teach and support learning. We are proud of our achievements and determined to keep working to support the education community and, through them, our students’ learning experience.

Professional Development

Over 650 participants came to our HEFi Festival in 2021, 1500 attended our professional development events over the course of a year, 2050 staff have visited our Hybrid Teaching Hub. [  ] MicroCPDs have been published and viewed by over [   ] people since they were launched. Whether it is watching a 90 second video or attending our Conference, many staff report a change to their practice and enhancement of their students’ learning experience after engaging with us.

"I also just wanted to say what a joy it wsa woking with everyone to complete this process"
Beacon applicant

Digital Innovation

2,000 medical students each year use the digital Clinical Skills Passport, developed through a collaboration between HEFi and Medicine Academics together with Pebblepad.

International Collaboration

HEFi has welcomed colleagues from the University of Nantes, University of Cologne, Leiden University and Semmelweiss University to our campus, ensuring a global outlook to our practice. We are an active member of both the U21 and EUniWell networks.

Beacon Fellowships

Over 550 Fellowships awarded through our Beacon Scheme, demonstrating to our students the professionalism that staff bring to teaching and support for student learning.

14 Principal Fellows who have been recognised for their impact as strategic education leaders within our institution.

Higher Education Futures Institute (HEFi)

Inclusive Education

More than 1,000 participants enrolled on our Inclusive Educator Canvas Course, making their personal commitment to the success and wellbeing of all of our students. Recognised as a finalist in the Global Academic Development Good Practice Awards.

"I now perceive my role not just as one who facilitates student learning by providing them information but also encourages learning through the process of research which may be mine, theirs, or ours."
PGCHE Participant


Education Enhancement Fund

Over £1.5 million awarded to more than 250 projects since 2010, making a difference to thousands of students across the institution through work on tackling inequality, skills support, digital education, transition and more.  

HEFi Conference


Over 50,000 views of the BIFoR (Birmingham Institute of Forest Research) virtual forest, created by the College of Life and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with HEFi to bring this major research project to life for our students and the public.

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