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HEFi's mission is to support staff to deliver innovative and inclusive research-intensive teaching. The aim is to optimise student learning and prepare students for their futures. HEFi is open-access to facilitate shared learning with and from colleagues across the higher education sector.


HEFi Awards 22

HEFi are please to launch nominations for the HEFi22 Awards.  Nominations close on Friday 27th May.  

Winners will be announced at the HEFi awards on the 6th July at the Botanical Gardens. 


In the this week's MicroCPD, Raphael Kohn (second year medical student) discusses the importance of accurate video captions during online lectures to support students with a wide range of disabilities succeed in their learning.

For more video CPD, visit the HEFi CPD Archive.


Digital accessibility

This term HEFi hosts a series of events building on our existing work on Digital Accessibility, the theme for HEFi MicroCPDs and Showcase sessions will be The Accessible Educator, encompassing digital accessibility and inclusion. 



HEFi22 logo

Registration for the HEFi22 conference is now open.  The theme is Promoting Sustainability Through Future-Facing University Teaching and the conference will be opened by David Boud (Deakin University)



HEFi open2
HEFi-OPEN is a platform created by HEFi so that all of us involved in teaching and enhancing learning can raise queries, give and receive advice, and share comments with our community of practice. 



Self-paced guidance on teaching and learning, the University of Birmingham adaptable teaching framework, and digital tools such as Canvas and Panopto. Take some time to explore all the resources.

Also in HEFi

Also in 'Higher Education Futures institute (HEFi)'


18 August 2021

Hybrid Teaching Room Hub

Hybrid teaching equipment is being installed in 60 rooms, with the intention that all of these rooms will be ready for the start of Semester 1, 2021/22.

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Teaching during Covid – Kathleen Murphy-Hollies and Maggie Hardiman
Navigating difficulties teaching in a new online world. Teaching at a university often feels like a forgotten role. However, teaching has become an unexpected love story that has formed alongside our studies. We are two PhD students who teach while also conducting our research. As this term comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting and … Continue reading "Teaching during Covid – Kathleen Murphy-Hollies and Maggie Hardiman"

Start NOW – Perfect LATER – Moving into Digital Teaching and Learning by Jane Sjoberg
The current Covid-19 crisis is quickly changing the way we perceive, use and rely on technology. Alternative approaches e.g. to assessment, research activity, teaching and learning and face-to-face meetings, are being worked through. Change is a constant feature as we all (staff and students) struggle to keep up with the latest decisions and situations. Professional … Continue reading "Start NOW – Perfect LATER – Moving into Digital Teaching and Learning by Jane Sjoberg"

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