Assessment Tools Proof of Concept project

The Assessment Tools Proof of Concept project at the University of Birmingham will run throughout the 2023/24 academic year. Project participants from across the university will be able to take part in testing digital assessment tools Cadmus and/or Graide, so as to provide robust feedback regarding any possible institutional digital assessment solution.

The aim of this cross-College project is to identify one (or more) digital assessment solutions that will integrate with the University’s current VLE (Canvas) to enhance the assessment and feedback offered to students as well as to aid academic and support staff in managing their workload. Additionally, the project hopes to support staff in maintaining marking consistency, managing assessment in the context of AI (both from an academic integrity and adapting to new assessment methods perspective) and working with clear learning analytics.

Throughout the project, the HEFi Assessment Team will support participants to use the assessment tools and will gather feedback from all Colleges to inform any decision on the wider integration of any assessment tool across the university as a whole.


If you are a member of UOB staff and wish to learn more about the tools involved in the project please visit the Assessment Tools Proof of Concept SharePoint site.


If you are involved in the project as a participant please visit the Project Participants SharePoint site


If you are enquiring about the project externally to the University of Birmingham or wish to directly contact the HEFi project team please contact:

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