CPD Groups

Welcome to the HEFi CPD Groups

HEFi Reading Group

The Reading Group is organised and hosted by the Educational Development Team at the University of Birmingham’s Higher Education Futures Institute (HEFi). It meets regularly to discuss texts relating to a wide range of topics on academic practice. It is a space away from our routine where we can explore these topics and argue, agree or disagree, but ultimately think about our work in a scholarly and evidence-based way. 

The Reading Group is intended to engage and support those involved in professional development, such as the PGCHE, IAP and Beacon Professional Recognition programmes offered by our team. It is also open to anyone interested in a deeper exploration of various dimensions of HE practice.  It is a safe space away from the routine of emails and day-to-day work where we read, think and reflect on key issues in higher education, and consider their relevance to our work. Take a look at our Canvas page for more information

 HEFi Writing Group

The HEFi Writing Group offers you time away from distractions, for focussed writing, in the company of other colleagues.

We meet monthly (and sometimes more regularly), writing together, in the same room, sitting around a table.  We write for a set amount of time and have breaks for lunch and tea/coffee.We bring along some treats to share. In addition to cakes and cookies, we share our progress, frustrations, seek and give advice.

It has worked for us. We have produced more writing than ever before, got articles accepted in good journals, started collaborations. Find out more information and meeting dates on our Canvas pages.

HEFi Research Group

The HEFi Research Group is a vibrant community of Birmingham colleagues who are interested in pursuing pedagogic research. The Research Group aims to foster and support:

  • the development of pedagogic research at Birmingham
  • the broadening of an evidence base to support educational enhancement at Birmingham
  • the development of skills related to pedagogic research
  • the development of a mutually supportive community with shared interests and aims

Find more information and meeting dates on our Canvas pages.