Nature and Wildlife

At University of Birmingham we are lucky to be surrounded by great green spaces. We are trying to manage them to protect nature and wildlife wherever possible. 

What is Biodiversity and what does it mean?

Biodiversity is the name given for the variety of life on earth, all plants and animals, their habitats and how they interact with one another. As nature provides so many free services for humankind (e.g. water, air, pollination) then its important we protect it and ensure the diversity of life on the planet.   

Our biodiversity policy statements

  • To comply with any relevant UK legislation regarding biodiversity.
  • To devise and implement an action plan on biodiversity.
  • To review the action plan on a regular basis.
  • To maintain and, where possible, enhance biodiversity on Campus.
  • To work in partnership with environmental groups and local authorities where appropriate.
  • To consider opportunities for good practice for new builds and refurbishment projects.
  • To raise awareness of biodiversity.

Hedgehog Friendly Campus Gold Award 2022/ 2023 crest, containing a smiling cartoon hedgehog wearing a graduation hat and holding a scrollGold Hedgehog Friendly Campus Status 2022 - 2023

We are thrilled to share that we have been awarded Gold status in this year's Hedgehog Friendly Campus Awards scheme, which recognises the work that we do to protect hedgehogs and their habitats on campus. To get involved with HFC, please contact the Sustainability Team.

The Vale

Grounds & Gardens manage 180 hectares of land, grass-cutting, planting, pruning, tree maintenance and litter collection.

Bees on campus

There are several examples of biodiversity related practices on campus and The Vale.