Sustainability governance

We take a collaborative approach to sustainability governance at the University of Birmingham, requiring input and oversight from a broad range of groups and stakeholders. 

Professor Laura Green OBE

Professor Laura Green OBE

UEB Sustainability Lead, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Life and Environmental Sciences

“Socially responsible institutions are those that adopt policies that promote the wellbeing of society and the environment whilst lessening the impact. We have always understood that a commitment to society and the environment go hand-in-hand, and that commitment has been evident throughout our approach to sustainability across our research, our student experience, and through our innovative campus management and development. Our commitment now extends across the globe as we forge new connections by establishing the University of Birmingham India Institute, as we become the first global top 100 and Russell Group University to establish a campus in Dubai. We recognise too that any action or initiative can impact and contribute positively to several SDGs at any one time ultimately contributing to slowing climate change, we will continually explore and draw on these relationships to help realise our role in addressing these global challenges.”

Sustainability Governance - groups and roles
 GroupMembership Role


Sustainability Steering Group

  • College Sustainability Leads
  • Director of Estates
  • Director of Campus Services
  • Guild of Students
  • Communications


Strategic oversight and co-ordination of sustainability in education, research and a green campus, locally, nationally and internationally.

Sustainability Task Group Representatives from all Working Groups Oversee the development and implementation of policies, practices and action plans for the University’s approach to delivering sustainability.



College​ Sustainability

  • CAL​
  • CoSS
  • Dubai​
  • EPS
  • LES​
  • MDS​
  • Guild of Students
  • Identify College specific opportunities​
  • Engage with staff and students​
  • Lobby & influence



Operational​ Sustainability

  • Biodiversity ​
  • Campus Services​
  • Communications​
  • Estates​
  • ISO20121​
  • Sustainability Ambassadors
  • Develop and implement action plans and targets​
  • Participation from Colleges & students