Sustainable Operations

The University has a commitment to sustainability in across all professional services divisions, from responsible investment to waste management to our Net Zero Carbon Plan. All our sustainable policies and strategies are outlined here, as well as any historical and current data we have on our environmental impact.

We recognise there have been significant gaps in our data collection and strategies, but we are taking big steps to keep ourselves accountable for our bold commitments to sustainability now and in the future, such as working on our Emissions Accounting with Hoare Lea, hiring a Decarbonisation and Sustainability Manager within Estates, and collaborating with Industry to create a Smart Campus.

We have already made significant progress in recent years in our journey to becoming a truly sustainable and socially responsible campus. For example:

  • Sustainable operations achieved a 20% emissions reduction between 2005 and 2020
  • Committing to Net Zero Carbon Scope 1 and 2 by 2035 and Scope 3 by 2045.
  • We have country-leading, award-winning Electric Vehicle fleets.
  • Winning the Bronze Green World award in 2018.
  • We maintain over 9,200 trees.

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For any interest or concerns around sustainability in our operations, please use our Sustainability Contacts page. We also have a fantastic range of research being carried out in the sustainability space across the university, teaching programmes tackling real-world issues, and information on how you can Get Involved in your everyday life on our Sustainability and Social Responsibility Homepage.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please email us at Alternatively, Staff and Students can use our internal communications guide.

There are opportunities to get involved in sustainability initiatives at the University of Birmingham whether you are a student, member of staff, or a member of the public. Visit our Get Involved page for information on joining these initiatives and networks.