New accessions - July to September 2016

Records of organisations, societies and businesses

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (additional): BATOD magazine, September 2016. Finding No: BATOD

British Institute of Organ Studies (additional): BIOS Reporter, volume 40, number 3, July 2016; BIOS Journal, volume 40, 2016. Finding No: BOA

Society of Missionaries of Africa: photographs relating to missionary work undertaken by the society [also known as ‘The White Fathers’], [20th century]. Finding No: MS898

Toc H (additional): supporter magazine ‘In Touch’, Summer 2016. Finding No: TocH

Young Men’s Christian Association (additional): printed booklet titled ‘Sir George Williams Tour’, reprint of essay published in February 1991 by Geoffrey Palmer, [2016]; vinyl record titled ‘The Voice of the Founder of the YMCA Sir George Williams’ and manuscript resolution by British YMCA on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the organisation. Finding No: YMCA

Youth Hostels Association (additional): photographs, regional handbooks, regional minutes including those relating to the Merseyside Branch, personal reminiscences and papers of the National Executive. Finding No: YHA

Youths’ Eclectic Association: printed materials including ‘Annual Soiree’ booklets and syllabuses, 1908-1930. Finding No: MS900

Personal and family papers

Britton, Jasper, b 1962, actor (additional): scripts for ‘Henry IV Parts 1 and 2’, ‘The Jew of Malta’ and ‘Richard II’, used in productions at Stratford-upon-Avon, 2014-2015. Finding No: DSH26

Hamilton, Ida, Ernest and Irene, missionaries: copies of family papers, originals dating from 1894-[mid-20th century] including personal correspondence, birth and baptism certificates and photographs, 2016. Finding No: CMS/ACC1021

Havergal, William Henry, 1793-1870, Anglican clergyman and composer: manuscript music notebook, [early 19th century]. Finding No: MS899

Hinds, William, 1811-1881, Birmingham medic: diary recording Hinds’ studies in the field of science, in particular in medicine, 1838-1850. Finding No: MS896

Levetus, Celia, 1874-1936, illustrator: pen and ink pictorial border design surrounding verse by Edward Lewis Levetus titled ‘Sybil’, [c 1896]. Finding No: MS901

Martineau, Harriet, 1802-1876, author (additional): manuscript letter concerning Martineau’s health. Finding No: HMLAdd/203

Norton, Rev Thomas, 1780-1840, and Harriett Ann, 1817-1891, missionaries: published work titled ‘Tough Times for the Broughtons’ by Gilliam Mary Webb, 2016. Finding No: CMS/ACC1018

Ramsbotham, Michael, 1919-2016, author: DVD titled ‘In Conversation with Michael Ramsbotham’ recording his thoughts on naval service during the Second World War, his involvement in intelligence work at Bletchley Park and brief mention of his relationship with the poet Henry Reed, 2016. Finding No: MS902

Artificial collections

Interviews titled ‘Novelists of the Sixties’: interviews conducted by Professor Bernard Bergonzi with the authors B. S. Johnson, Margaret Drabble, Michael Frayn, David Lodge, David Storey and Andrew Sinclair, [c 1967]. Finding No: MS894

Letters Additional (additional): manuscript titled ‘Facsimile of the Hand Writing of Robert Burns the Poet’, [20th century]. Finding No: LAdd/6414

Scrapbook relating to resesearch on William Shakespeare: cuttings and photographs of 20th century productions of his plays; index of Shakespearian actors; and photographs of portraits of Shakespeare. Finding No: MS895

Theatre Programmes: extensive sequence of UK theatre programmes with heavy coverage of productions held in various theatres in London’s West End and at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. Finding No: MS897

University Archives

Academic Office: Printed programmes for degree congregations, session 2015-2016, for degree congregations, July 2016. Acc. 2016/62

Council: Minutes 2003-2013. Acc. 2016/72

International Office: Copies of international agreements and Memoranda of Understanding between the University of Birmingham and other institutions, relating to defunct initiatives or partnerships, 1999-2015. Acc. 2016/59

Library Services: Photographs relating to the Harding Law Library, 1960s-2000. Acc. 2016/71

Student (Alumni) Papers

Brettell, Noel Harry, 1908-1991, BA Hons English 1930, Dip. Ed. 1934: Photographs of University of Birmingham Harriers team 1927-1928 and 1933-1934, both including N. H. Brettell, together with photocopied pages from a chapter of a memoir by N. H. Brettell entitled 'Sidegate and Stile', published in Zimbabwe in 1981, which discuss his cross country running and his studies at the University of Birmingham, including descriptions of his membership of the University Harriers team, his English degree course, and his tutors including Annie E. Dodds, A. M. D. Hughes, and Ernest De Selincourt, 1927-1981. Finding No: USS125

Staff Papers

De Selincourt, Ernest, 1870-1943, scholar and literary critic, Professor of English (additional): Working notebook containing notes on authors and aspects of the study of English literature including some extract from works. The notebook also contains a scheme of lectures for ordinary and honours students, on Shakespeare, Milton, Pope, and Wordsworth, presumably given by De Selincourt at the University of Birmingham, and a list of public lectures given by De Selincourt at Birmingham from 1909 to 1933. Finding No: US1

Evans, Hywel Berwyn, 1915-2006, Librarian: Collection of personal papers, photographs, and ephemera including papers relating to H. B. Evans' studies at the University of Birmingham in the 1930s and to his career at the University of Birmingham Library, as well as material relating to his research on Voltaire, some family papers and photographs, and ephemera, 1920s-2000s. Finding No: US150

Nicklin, Phyllis Amelia, 1909-1969, geography tutor: 35mm colour slides, mostly kodachrome transparencies, taken and used by Phyllis Nicklin in the classes she taught as a staff tutor in Geography in the Extra-Mural Department at the University of Birmingham in the 1950s and 1960s. The slides contain images of Birmingham, including the city centre and the districts and suburbs, with a particular focus on buildings and urban topography. There are also some street scenes. Finding No: US149

Wilkinson, Kenneth Douglas, Physician, Professor of Therapeutics 1929-1950: Photographs and ephemera largely relating to his work at Birmingham Children's Hospital and primarily consisting of two photograph scrap albums compiled by Wilkinson which contain photographs and sometimes autographs of the House Physicians who worked with him at the General Hospital, Birmingham, 1925-1950. Finding No: US151