New accessions - July to September 2014

Records of organisations, societies and businesses

British Institute of Organ Studies (additional): 'BIOS Reporter', volume 38, number 3, July 2014. Finding No: BOA

Embrace the Middle East (formerly Biblelands) (additional): Autumn 2014 issue of the supporter magazine, 'Embrace'. Finding No: MS203

Liverpool YMCA (additional): handbook, [c 1960]. Finding No: YMCA

Midland Masters Athletic Club (additional): 'The Midland Master Athlete', number 241, July 2014. Finding No: ATH

Toc H (additional): Toc H supporter magazine 'In Touch', Summer 2014. Finding No: TocH  

Personal and family papers

James Andrews, b 1862, farm bailiff: working diary which Andrews kept whilst working as bailiff for the Reformatory Farm, Bordesley Green, Belchers Lane, Birmingham, including notes of what work the boys from the reformatory were doing and how many were present each day, 1905-1906. Finding No: MS870

Sir (Joseph) Austen (1863-1937) Chamberlain, statesman: menu for a luncheon given for Joseph Chamberlain and Mrs Chamberlain, Carlton Club, January 1904. Finding No: JCLAdd/629

John Churton Collins, 1848-1908, author and professor of English: signed, manuscript letter from J. C. Collins to Professor [John Wesley] Hales, [1901]. Finding No: LAdd/6395

Robert Anthony Eden, (1897-1977), 1st Earl of Avon, statesman: additions of previously embargoed material to the private office papers of Anthony Eden as Foreign Secretary, 1938-45. (Finding No: FO954) and 1951-55 (Finding No: FO800)

Henry Peter Hansell, 1863-1935, private tutor: letters from Hansell to an unnamed correspondent written further to the Prince of Wales [Edward VIII (1894-1972)] being offered an unnamed volume,  presumed to be Fanshawe's 1647 translation of 'Il pastor fido' in which the letters were found, 1915. Finding No: LAdd/6393-6394

William Hill & Son of London, organ builders (additional): scale drawing of the Sydney Town Hall organ, 1886. Finding No: BOA

Jesse James Hillman, 1922-2004, missionary and clergyman: papers, photographs and correspondence predominantly relating to Rev Hillman’s roles with the Church Missionary Society in Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and the UK 1947-1986, including records relating to the Hillman family's deportation from Egypt in 1956, 1946-2004. Finding No: CMS/ACC1009

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912), painter (additional): two manuscript notes inserted in a copy of, 'Note sur les decors de theatre dans L'antiquite romaine' by Camille Saint-Saens' (1835-1921), which was presented to Lawrence Alma-Tadema by the author in 1887. Finding No: ATLAdd/188-189

Edward Vernon Utterson, c 1777-1856, antiquary and literary editor: letters from Utterson to James Maidment (c  1793-1879), enclosing complimentary copies of Beldornie Press reprints of two 16th and 17th century literary works, 1841. Finding No:

(Frances) Eveline Wauchope, b 1891, nurse: scanned copies of a photograph album (1900s-1920) and an illustrated, autograph album (1906-1915) largely compiled during the time when Eveline (or 'Evelyn' as she was also known) was nursing in Birmingham, first at the General Hospital and then, during the First World War, at the 1st Southern General [military] Hospital (based at the University of Birmingham), 2014. Finding No: MS871 

Artificial collections

Joseph Chamberlain Postcard Collection (additional): predominantly photo-postcards relating to the Royal visit to Birmingham at the time of the official opening of the University by King Edward VII 7 July 1909. Finding No: MS821

University Archives

Academic Faculties, Schools and Departments

School of Mathematics: Portrait photographs of students in the School of Mathematics, mostly mounted on board with students’ names given below each portrait, 1990s. Acc.2014/55

School of Education: Group photographs showing students on the Commonwealth Teachers' Course, 1969-1970, and members of the School of Education, 1970-1971. Acc.2014/76

Guild of Students

Universities Athletic Union: Photograph of Lawn Tennis Champions, 1936-1937. Finding No: UB/GUILD/I/20

Student Societies and Clubs

Birmingham University Scout & Guide Club: Additional records comprising newsletters, photographs, Log Book, programmes, records of Past Members Association, 1960s-2014. Finding No: UB/SGC

Research Projects

Records of the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies project: Papers relating to artwork by the visual and sound artist duo louie + jessie commissioned for '50 Years On' exhibition at mac, Birmingham, May-June 2014 in connection with the ARHC funded project to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Finding No:

Records of the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies project: Miscellaneous items relating to cultural studies deposited by delegates attending the conference held at the University of Birmingham 24-25 June 2014 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Finding No: UB/MISC/CSP 

Student (Alumni) Papers

Davies, Malcolm: Photocopies of letters written by Malcolm Davies to his parents during his first two years as a Law student at the University of Birmingham, with envelopes, 1961-1963. Finding No: USS103

Evans, Doreen: Photocopy of letter to Doreen Evans from Geoffrey Parkes, October 1939, describing the atmosphere at the University of Birmingham, the impact of the outbreak of war on his studies in metallurgy, and on his social activities. Finding No: USS106

Hansen, Leif: Papers collected and used by Leif Hansen during his time at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham between 1983 and 1984, largely relating to research on working class youth and leisure, and primarily comprising copies of papers and articles by other Centre members and hand-outs and course papers generated by CCCS sub-groups. Finding No: USS105

Mendelsohn, Janet: Photographs taken by Janet Mendelsohn as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies between 1966 and 1968, in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham, including prints, negatives, and digital copies, together with hand-written and typescript fragmentary transcripts of interviews with photograph subjects, and other associated papers. Finding No: USS100

Wallace, Paul: Photocopy of reflections by Paul Wallace on his time as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham in the 1970s, written in the form of a letter. Finding No: USS104