New accessions - July to September 2013

Posted on Thursday 12th December 2013

Records of organisations, societies and businesses

British Association for American Studies (additional): papers of Heidi McPherson as BAAS Chair 2007-2010 and Professor Martin Halliwell as BAAS Chair 2010-2013; including Chair's copy of reports, minutes, meeting papers, consultation papers and related correspondence. Finding No: BAAS

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (additional): Magazine of the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf, September 2013 and minutes of predecessor organisations including minutes of the College of Teachers of the Deaf and Dumb 1889-1917, Association of Teachers of the Deaf and Dumb 1894-1895, National Association of Teachers of the Deaf 1895-1917 and National College of Teachers of the Deaf 1917-1976. Finding No: BATOD

Society of Clerks of the Peace of Counties and of Clerks of County Councils (additional): incomplete sequence of minutes and meeting papers, 1893-1916. Finding No: SCP

Weoley Hill United Reformed Church (additional): largely comprising papers of the Weoley Hill URC Friendship Group 1990-2010, papers of Church Meetings 1996-2005 and Elders Meetings 2001-2005 and a file of office copy papers 2011-2013; also a 1st edition of the 'Manual of the United Reform Church' by P. W. Bush, 1972. Finding No: DA48

Youth Hostels Association (additional): photographs; regional handbooks; scrapbooks; minutes; reports; statistics; papers relating to Lakeland Youth Hostels and London, Wales, Eastern and Southern regions; YHA publications (including issues of YHA Bulletin, 1947-1950 and the monthly bulletin of the YHA Farm Scheme, High Halenden); manuals and handbooks for Wardens; hostel property details; academic papers and ephemera, 1931-2011. Finding No: YHA

Personal and family papers

John Bird (b 1941), writer: a personal collection of materials relating to the composer Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882-1961) which Bird, writer of the first published biography of Grainger, compiled between the mid-1960s and the early 21st century.

Hilda Brandreth of Smethwick, Birmingham (fl 1951): a personal letter including reference to the behaviour of University of Birmingham students during carnival week, 1951: Finding No: LAdd/6392

Percy M. Young (1912-2004), organist, musicologist, teacher (additional): papers largely relating to Young's musical work but also including unpublished literary manuscripts, records relating to his political work as a Labour Councillor and his interest in sports history. Finding No: MS860

Noel Coward (1899-1973), actor, playwright, composer, lyricist, painter and author (additional): largely comprising printed papers relating to productions of 'Private Lives' and ‘Hay Fever’ and the ‘Star Quality: The World of Noel Coward’ exhibition, 1999-2013 Finding No: COW.

Ernest Walter ('Rufus') Francis (1908-2004), Anglican Clergyman and missionary (additional): slides and correspondence, publications and papers written and compiled by Rev Canon E. W. Francis whilst working as a missionary in Burma with the Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society (now Crosslinks) and, later as an ex-Burma missionary, BCMS Burma correspondent and member of the Former Missionaries' Fellowship in England, 1933-1993; also including Mrs E. W. Francis' account of the growth of the Church in the Arakan Hills, Western Burma, a few items of ephemera and copies of records in the collection compiled by the daughter of Rev Canon Francis c 2001-2008. Finding No: MS837

Artificial collections

Joseph Chamberlain Postcard Collection (additional): [late 19th]-early 20th century postcards relating to Joseph Chamberlain, including souvenir postcards and photopostcards of the official opening of the University of Birmingham 7 July 1909. Finding No: MS821

University Archives

Governing Bodies

Council committees: minutes of the Strategy, Planning and Resources committee, 1994-2008; minutes of the Audit committee 1994-2007. Closed

Staff Papers

Smith, Henry Arthur (1914-1969), lecturer in English (additional deposit): copies of photographs of Henry Arthur Smith and other family members; memoranda and letters mostly sent by Richard Hoggart to colleagues in the English Department and School of Education at the University of Birmingham in October and November 1969 concerning the content of Henry Arthur Smith's papers, including his notebooks on William Hale White, and working files used by Smith as Secretary for the Atlantic Awards scheme, 1914-1969. Finding No: US62

Student (Alumni) Papers

Batsleer, Janet: Papers of and relating to work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies during the period Janet Batsleer was a postgraduate student there in the late 1970s, particularly focusing on research of the English Studies sub-group 1978-1979 and including research papers for the CCCS pamphlet on women and fascism, but also wider connections between members of the Centre and other groups concerned with literature and politics at the time, 1970s. Finding No: USS90

Boome, Edward James (1883-1954), physician: copy of Edward Jame's Boome's thesis on the influenza pandemic of 1918 as seen at a Casualty Clearing Station in France, dated October 1918 and written based on his experiences serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the First World War, and a letter from Professor Kauffmann, Professor of Medicine at the University of Birmingham and likely to have been responsible for examining the thesis, to Dr Glynn, discussing the quality of the research, 1918. Finding No: USS89

Review by Lucy Rowland, (MA in English Literature), Cadbury Research Library Volunteer, of USS89
‘Reading a failed thesis when you’re in the midst of your own studies seems like a counter-productive idea. However, one of the CRL’s new acquisitions – the papers of Edward James Boome – offers an entirely different vision of the First World War. Aside from the trench warfare and the Western Front, people were suffering the world over from an influenza epidemic. Boome’s typewritten thesis, submitted for an M.D. to the university, documents his first-hand experiences with the manifestations of the disease whilst he was a doctor for the TA in 1918, and although gruesome and harrowing at times, adds another dimension to how we might think about the Great War.’

Finn, Dan: Research papers on educational policy, skills, education and training for young people produced by the Education sub-group during Dan Finn's time as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies during the late 1970s, together with copies of publications written with other members of the Centre, 1970s-1990. Finding No: USS83

Keatley, Mary Elizabeth (b.1910): Ephemera partly relating to Mary Elizabeth Keatley's time as a chemistry student at the University of Birmingham in the early 1930s, and partly dating from her later life as a schoolteacher. Finding No: USS88

O’Rourke, Rebecca: Papers largely consisting of course handouts and research notes made as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies from 1976 but also teaching materials and research notes relating to feminist history and women's writing courses run by the University of Birmingham Department of Extra Mural Studies, and papers of other groups including the Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective, Women's Liberation groups in Birmingham, and the Women and Writing newsletter and other women's writing workshops, 1970s-1980s. Finding No: USS86

Schofield, Matthew: Student papers including Chamberlain Hall JCR Freshers' Guide, 1996-1997; Chamberlain Hall handbook, 1996-1997, society membership cards, Guild of Students and Student Mentor Training certificates, 1996-2001. Finding No: USS85

Wengraf, Tom: Files comprising course notes made by Tom Wengraf during his time as an MA student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 1978-1979 for the History part of the course and particularly the Socialism and Feminism block consisting of notes on socialist theory and the ideology of Edward Carpenter and William Morris, and suffragism and suffragettes; notes made during participation in the work of the State sub-group, and typescript papers on the New Left Review, 1978-1979. Finding No: USS84

Willis, Paul (b. 1945) cultural theorist: Research and teaching papers of Paul Willis, together with papers relating to the wider work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Papers primarily date from the period 1969-1976, but there is also a small amount of material dating from the mid 1980s which relates to Willis' role as youth policy advisor for Wolverhampton Borough Council, 1969-1985. Finding No: USS91