Santander Universities Internship Scheme


The University of Birmingham has received funding from Santander to work with exciting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), creating paid, full-time 10 week placement opportunities.

  • Are you in your final year of study?
  • Or have you graduated from the University of Birmingham in the past two years?
  • Are you looking for paid work experience?

These pay £300 per week and provide the successful candidates with amazing opportunities to gain invaluable experience in a wide range of industry settings. If you would like to kick-start your career and build valuable experience fast, this is a great way to do it.

We are receiving details of new opportunities continuously and will provide the details on this page, as well as through our Careers Connect database. Please remember to check back here regularly, to ensure that you don't miss any application deadlines.

Current opportunities

Social Media Intern, Thyme
 (PDF - 368KB)

Thyme is an exciting new start up, supplying frozen gourmet food. They are on a mission to change how people perceive frozen food and to convince people frozen is best!

  • Role: Social Media Intern
  • Duties: Significantly develop Thyme’s Facebook and Instagram following, as well as increase web traffic.
  • Degree/discipline: Any discipline
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / Warwickshire
  • Deadline: 7 April 2017



Festival Staffing Support, Seed Event Solutions Ltd (PDF - 292KB)

Seed Event Solutions Ltd works with young people to provide bespoke staff solutions to the events industry.

  • Role: Festival Staffing Support
  • Duties: Working in the office liaising with staff pre/post event and also out on site. Office work will include at least one of the following focuses: marketing, recruitment and team selection
  • Degree/discipline: Any discipline
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / London
  • Deadline: 11 April 2017



Events and Operations Executive, VPAR (PDF - 143KB)

VPAR is an innovative live golf scoring system that enables everybody on the golf course to see where all players stand in a competition via a real-time leader board.

  • Role: Events and Operations Executive
  • Duties: Assist in VPAR’s main aim to become the World’s leading golf technology company by 2020. Candidates will be asked to not only assist but manage events across the UK and Europe. You will be involved in account management, logistics, sales, marketing, financial planning, player registration, welcoming and demonstrating VPAR to players and being a point of contact for the client both on-course and in the clubhouse
  • Degree/discipline: Any discipline. However, an interest in golf and the development of the game is preferable
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / London
  • Deadline: 14 April 2017



Art Gallery Assistant, Polish Expats Association (Gateway Internship)

Gateway internships and work experience opportunities are designed to support students from certain priority groups.

  • Role: Gateway internship – Art Gallery Assistant
  • Duties: The intern will contribute to the artistic development, administration and management of a vibrant cultural venue, its arts programme and associated creative projects.
  • Degree/discipline: All art departments and everyone who is art lover.
  • Salary/Location: £60 per day for 10 days (flexible) / Birmingham
  • Deadline: 15 April 2017



Business Project Internship, Browns Pharmacy (Gateway Internship)

Gateway internships and work experience opportunities are designed to support students from certain priority groups.

  • Role: Business Project Internship - Browns Pharmacy
  • Duties: Evaluate and improve procurement systems and marketing strategy
  • Degree/discipline: Any discipline (Business and Marketing preferable)
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / Solihull, Birmingham
  • Deadline: 30 April 2017



Marketing and PR Intern for Crowdfunding Campaign, Kajans Womens Enterprise Ltd (PDF - 364KB)

Kajans is a not-for-profit social business working to ‘empower individuals and transform communities.’

  • Role: Marketing and PR Intern
  • Duties: Vigorously drive traffic to Kajans crowd funding campaign across the worldwide-web, optimising all tools available by deploying a range of mediums (social media, press and radio) in order to widen participation.
  • Degree/discipline: Any discipline
  • Salary/Days Per Week/Location: £150 per week / 2.5 days per week / Birmingham
  • Deadline: 27 April 2017



Finance Intern, Young People Matter (Gateway Internship)

Gateway internships and work experience opportunities are designed to support students from certain priority groups.

  • Role: Gateway Internship - Finance Intern
  • Duties: Help to develop the YPM business plan and advise on the financial strength of the seven activity areas of YPM
  • Degree/discipline: Finance, Accounting, Economics or ability to demonstrate necessary financial skills
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / London
  • Deadline: 5 May 2017



Internship with Handsworth Association of Schools (Gateway Internship)

Gateway internships and work experience opportunities are designed to support students from certain priority groups.

  • Role: Gateway Internship - Handsworth Association of Schools
  • Duties: Support the association on a series of marketing, data analysis and research projects
  • Degree/discipline: Any degree considered
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / Birmingham
  • Deadline: 5 May 2017



Website Content Developer, Capricorn Blinds (PDF - 208KB)

Capricorn are a supplier, manufacturer and installer of a wide variety of window shading products ranging from basic local domestic solutions to high value, complex commercial nationwide installations.

  • Role: Website Content Developer Internship
  • Duties: Coordinating with our marketing manager to deliver three new websites to both update our existing websites, and also to launch new innovative product websites with ecommerce and SEO optimisation.
  • Degree/discipline: Marketing, or English with an interest in marketing/web development
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / Shirley, Solihull
  • Deadline: 31 May 2017



Computer Vision Intern, BECOCO Ltd (PDF - 407KB)

BECOCO Ltd is developing a digital system that can autonomously allocate online clothing to BECOCO users based on their respective body types and colour complexions.

  • Role: Computer Vision/AI/Machine Learning Internship
  • Duties: Research and develop new technology to improve the fashion recommendation engine
  • Degree/discipline: Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Engineering
  • Salary/Location: £300 per week / London
  • Deadline: 30 June 2017


Posted on Monday 12th October 2015