Extra help if you need it


Rather than let money problems interfere with your studies, the Student Funding Office administers a scheme designed to help lighten the finanicial burden some students may experience.

Access to Learning Fund (ALF)

The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) is the most prominent of the financial support schemes administered by the Student Funding Office. ALF is a discretionary grant, funded by the government, to help students in financial difficulty whilst they are studying at university. ALF grants do not need to be paid back and can range from £100 to £3,500. This fund is intended to assist with general living and course-related costs, not tuition fees or 'lifestyle choices'.

ALF is only open to UK students who have taken up all statutory support available to them or, in the case of postgraduate students, are able to demonstrate that they have made adequate realistic provision for their studies before embarking on their course.

You can only apply for ALF support once you have arrived at the University and are registered as a student. All applications are means-tested, therefore some applications will be unsuccessful.

Learn more about the Access to Learning Fund at the University of Birmingham.