Resources to help you manage your money

The following resources and information have been developed by the University and our partner organisations to help you learn how to manage your money when you come to University and also to guide you through the process of applying for funding to assist you through your studies.

Link to video on credit cards

Credit cards: friend or foe?

How can you make the most of your credit card? Are the benefits worth the risks?


Link to video on income tax

A tale of two taxes

Even students are affected by income tax and national insurance. Find out how taxes may play a part in your time at university.


Link to video on managing debt

The good, the bad and the manageable debt

Learn about the difference between good and bad debt and how to manage what you borrow



The cost of shopping can really change if you switch from branded goods to a supermarket's 'basics' range. See if you can guess the difference by taking our trolley challenge...