Byzantine Greek Summer School 2015

26 July - 23 August 2015

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
University of Birmingham


The Level-1 course (26 July – 9 August) is for absolute beginners in Byzantine Greek. It starts with the Greek alphabet and takes students through the basic grammar of Greek to the point where they can begin to translate simple Greek texts with the aid of a dictionary. 

The Level-2 course (9–23 August) carries straight on from the Level-1 course, completing the coverage of basic Greek grammar and introducing students to a variety of Greek texts. Each year a number of people take both courses. 

If the number of participants justifies it (as it did 2012-4) an additional course, Level-2.5 (Higher Intermediate), will be introduced for the more advanced applicants to Level-2, but this course is not offered as a confirmed option at the application stage.

Level-3 (9-23 August, at the same time as Level-2) is an Advanced Reading course for those who successfully completed Level-2 in a previous year and have made considerable further progress since, or those have acquired the necessary familiarity with Greek by other means.

If, after you have read the course descriptions (see the separate document), you are not sure whether Level-2 or Level-3 is appropriate for you, do not worry. Whichever you apply for, you will be able to take the diagnostic translation test on the first day to determine which will be more appropriate. If Level-2.5 is also offered, allocation to that course will also depend on the diagnostic test.

If any participants from the 2014 Level-2 course come to repeat Level-2 this year, we will ensure that the texts studied are different from those studied in 2014 (or at least different sections of the same texts). Anyone repeating the Level-1 course, however, is likely to encounter much of the same material as before.

If you are a near-beginner, but not a complete beginner, it is possible to start in the second week of Level-1. Please consult Anthony Hirst before amending your application form to reflect such a choice.

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