Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

The Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham, is the only research centre in the UK which brings all these subjects together within a single unit.

The Centre’s staff cover between them a wide range of fields and expertise in respect of both the history and the languages of the East Mediterranean region, including: late Roman and early, middle and late Byzantine history and archaeology, Islamic history of the medieval and modern periods; Turkish and central Asian history from the early medieval to modern period; Balkan, particularly Greek, history up to the present day; international relations, particularly between the Great Powers and Balkan and Near Eastern States from the mid-nineteenth century; and modern Greek literature and culture.


Posted 22 March 2016

Call for Papers: CAHA Colloquium 2016

This year's CAHA Colloquium will take place on 4 May 2016. We invite postgraduate students to submit abstracts for consideration.

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