Students and Projects

Our current PhD students and their areas of research are listed below:

Nasar Al-Mufachi
Gas cleaning using dense metallic membranes such as thin film palladium for hydrogen purification.

Ghzzai Almutairi
Liquid hydrocarbons in SOFCs, hydrogen fuel cells, colloids and delivery of molecules to the consumer.

Christopher Bennett
Optimisation of the thermal management of a solid state hydrogen store based on magnesium hydride.

Wasim Bhatti
Novel method to the integration of a fuel cell systtem into a UAV with a view to improving vehicle weight and payload capacity.

Rosie Bullock
Barriers to fuel cell micro combined heat and power in UK homes.

Amy Campbell
Understanding the technologies in order to influence the behaviours

Amrit Chandan
Development of high performance HT-PEFC electrodes for use in automotive PEFCs.

James Courtney
Development of 3D structured catalyst layers for improved PT utilisation and performance within PEM Fuel Cells.

Martin Cuddy
Towards photocatalytic water-splitting by size-selected MoS2 nanoclusters

Rosalind Davies
Development of lithium amide materials for hydrogen storage applications.

Oliver Deavin
Discovery of novel materials for solid state storage of hydrogen.

John Drake
Modeling of novel tubular membrane elec. assemblies (MEAS) for PEMFC applications.

Ahmad El-kharouf
Optimization of gas diffusion layers (GDL) for PEFCs.

Theo Elmer
Integration of a fuel cell into domestic housing for CHP applications.

Juliane Fehlhauer
Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes

Peter Fisher
Electronics study of fuel cell hybrid systems.

Tom Fletcher
Control of a Fuel Cell Vehicle.

Ashley Fly
Thermal management of evaporatively cooled fuel cell vehicles.Christopher Fry
Characterisation of hydrogen storage using novel nanostructured materials deposited by plasma assisted PVD.

Balraj Gill
Hydrogen Storage Materials

Sean Goodwin
Developing new catalysts for protic ionic liquid fuel cells following research of the mechanism of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR).

Gaurav Gupta
Novel cathode electrode catalysts for PEMFCs

Lydia Gurley
Characterisation of and hydrogen gas generation from digestate waste.

Jessica Gould
Novel molecules synthesised for hydrogen storage using imine-linked microporous organic molecular frameworks

Philip Hamilton
Development of low cost high performance bipolar place materials for PEMFC applications.

Scott Hardman
Niche market applications and the marketing of hydrogen and fuels cells.

Mariska Hattenberger
Intermediate and high temperature membrane materials for fuel cell application.

Katie Howe
Development and application of micro tubular solid oxide fuel cell stacks for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Simon Howroyd
Control systems for fuel cells and hybrid powered man-portable unmanned aircraft systems.

Paul Jennings
Modelling the structures and chemical properties of metallic bio-nanoparticles.

Jessica Jones
Molecules for hydrogen storage.

Martin Khzouz
Multi fuel reforming.

Sandy Lamond
Techno-Economic analysis of a Microbial Fuel Cell driven anaerobic digestion process.

Yaxiang Lu
Advanced Nanoparticles for Fuel Cell Application.

John Geoffrey Maillard
Oxide fuel cell degradation.

Ben Millington
The optimisation of fabrication methods for proton exchange membrane fuel cells for fuel cell vehicles.

Nick McCarthy
Fuel Cells for Vehicles.

Nikkia McDonald
SOFC Materials.

Andrew McInnes
Photoelectrochemical generation of hydrogen.

Tony Meadowcroft
SOFC Applications for Combined Heat and Power.

Arvin Mossadegh Pour
Coupling high performance metal hydride hydrogen storage to SOFC stystems.

Jill Newton
Fuel cell catalyst nanoparticle preparation and aggregation study.

Tom Pike
Chemistry of nanoparticles in solid oxide fuel cell anodes.

Rachael Priestly
Hybrid precious metal-carbon (nano)structures for novel electrocatalysts.

Charlene Samuel
Catalytic generation of hydrogen: synthetic models of the [NiFe] hydrogenases

Jamie Sandells
Modelling and simulation of fuel cells: improving robustness and understanding contamination.

Jonathan Sands
Mathematical modelling of fuel cells.

Anwar Sattar
Fuel processing of gasifier output.

Gulcan Serdaroglu
Integration and optimisation of a sustainable hydrogen energy system for combined stationary and transport use.

Nathan Jin Lei Shang
Hydrogen fuel cell and battery hybrid technology for low carbon automobiles.

Charlene Sodipo
Hydrogen production using enzyme catalysis through synthetic analogues of the [NiFe] hydrogenase active site.

Daniel Symes
Hydrogen production through electrolytic processes.

Gareth Thomas
Social and political barriers to fuel cell energy.

Lina Troskialina
Microtubular SOFC operating on bio methane.

Evan Tsang-I Tsai
Development of a control system for the solid oxide fuel cell stack with combined heat and power systems.

Vikrant Venkataraman
Development of a fuel cell powered refridgerated truck.

James Watton
Hydrogen production via methane decomposition.

Michael Whiteley
Reliability analysis and lifetime predictions of PEM fuel cells using experimental and modelling techniques.

Anna Williams
Production and development of bio supported electrocatalysts.

Caroline Willis
Photocatalytic (solar) production of H2 with size-selected, tunable nanocatalysts.

Fatima Zia
Nanotoxicological properties of fuel cell emissions.