Maritza Carrasco-Marchessi 


Maritza Carrasco-Marchessi took her first degree in Hispanic Language and Literature from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, obtaining a First Class with Distinction, and coming first in her year. She studied for her MA in Literature, also at the Universidad de Chile, and completed her 40,000-word MPhil thesis entitled Women as Rites of Passage in Antonio Skármeta’s Short Stories at Manchester Metropolitan University, obtaining accolades from both external examiners.

She has presented material related to her MPhil thesis at conferences in England and Spain, and has published the following papers:

  • Música popular y literatura: la imagen de la mujer en la literatura latinoamericana contemporánea”. Interface 7 (2004): 22-32. [First presented as a conference paper at ¡Cultura Popular!, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sept. 1999.]
  • "Mujer, castración y redención: un estudio exploratorio del personaje femenino en “Uno a uno” de Antonio Skármeta”. Las Representaciones de la mujer en la Cultura Hispánicas.Valladolid. Universitas Castellae. 2002: 209-222. [First presented as conference paper at “La(s) representación(es) de la mujer en la cultura hispánica” organised by and paper published by Fundación Joaquín Díaz, McGill University y Universitas Castellae Valladolid, 1999. Spain.]
  • “Tangeando al macho, haciendo el chachachá: dos ilustraciones del simbolismo del tango y el chachachá en la literatura latinoamericana contemporánea”. Actas del XXXIII Congreso del Instituto Internacional de la Literatura Iberoamericana. Salamanca: CD ROM edition by Aquilafuente. Ediciones Universidad.2003. Index Nº 2085.[First presented as a conference paper at XXXIII Congreso del Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana. “La literatura Iberoamericana en el 2000. Balances, Perpectivas y Prospectivas”. Universidad de Salamanca. Salamanca. 2000. Spain]

She has also given papers at conferences, and talks throughout Spain and England:

  • “El nuevo cine latinoamericano: Nada de Juan Carlos Cremata, Cuba”. Presentation and workshop. February 2003. Instituto Cervantes. Manchester, UK.
  • “La canción latinoamericana de protesta”. Presentation in collaboration with the Chilean songwriter Francisco Carrasco. Instituto Cervantes. Manchester, UK.
  • “Víctor Jara y la canción latinoamericana de protesta”. Talk and workshop. July 2002. INTERNATIONAL CHOIR SYMPOSIUM. Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK.
  • “España e Hispanoamérica”. Guest Lecture: overview of Hispanic cultural history and civilization. August 2000. INSTITUTO CERVANTES / THE OPEN UNIVERSITY. Manchester, UK.
Maritza has extensive teaching experience both at British universities and at secondary level in Chile, England and Spain. She has developed courses, related materials, methodologies and assessment patterns for Spanish language and Latin American literature modules, and has always received outstanding student feedback.

While living in Palma, Mallorca, she was active in EFL teaching in Spanish state schools and assisted in the rolling out and implementation of a trilingual project within the national English language syllabus. She currently runs her own blog where she discusses topics related to creative writing and Latin American Literature.

Her PhD research offers an analysis of the textual strategies deployed by key Chilean authors to narrate masculinities during the period of the Dictatorship and Transition (1973-2000), with particular reference to theories of liminality.