Research students in Global Ethics

Some examples of the research our recent students have worked on:

  • Ben Bessey: A basis for capability theory: humanity, well-being, virtue, objectivity. Supervised by Heather Widdows and Iain Law
  • Toby Betenson: The problem of evil and ethics. Supervised by Yujin Nagasawa
  • Gabriel Garmendia da Trindade: Animal ethics and violent direct action. Supervised by Heather Widdows and Jeremy Williams.
  • Sabrina Intelisano: Happiness and imprisonment. Supervised by Jussi Suikkanen
  • Sarah-Louise Johnson: Commodification of bodies and persons. Supervised by Heather Widdows
  • Lauren Traczykowski: Cosmopolitanism and natural disasters. Supervised by Heather Widdows.
  • Ruth Wareham: Faith schools and the liberal society. Supervised by Iain Law and Michael Hand.
  • Peter West-Oram: Global health care injustice: the demands of basic right to health care. Supervised by Heather Widdows
  • Andrew Woodhall: Redressing the balance: the importance of animal value to 'animal ethics'. Supervised by Lisa Bortolotti and Heather Widdows
  • Ibrahim Yuksel: Ancient philosophy, virtue theory and multiculturalism. Supervised by Iain Law and Heather Widdows

Student publications

  • Peter West Oram and Heather Widdows ‘Global Population and Global Justice: Equitable Distribution of Resources Among Countries’. In eLS 2011, John Wiley & Sons Ltd: Chichester, 2012 [DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0024140]
  • Heather Widdows and Peter West Oram ‘Why bioethics must be global’ in Global Health edited by John Coggon, Bloomsbury academic, 2012.
  • Herjeet Marway. “The UK law and global ethics of commercial surrogacy”, Travail, Genre et Sociétés (2012).
  • Herjeet Marway. “Scandalous subwomen and sublime superwomen: exploring portrayals of female suicide bombers’ agency”, Journal of Global Ethics, 2011, 7:3, pp 221-240

Awards and funding

Peter West-Oram and Andrew Woodhall won AHRC awards and Ben Bessey won a College-Scholarship.

In addition, Peter won an AHRC Library of Congress Fellowship (2011-2012) and Herjeet Marway won the ‘Matthew K. O’Rourke Prize for Doctoral Excellence’ (2011) and has been awarded a £1500 U21 Scholarship to visit McGill University (November, 2011).