The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)

The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) aims to promote interdisciplinary research by combining expertise from across the breadth of the University of Birmingham to address major cross-cutting themes that are important, relevant and timely.

Established as a dynamic and creative part of the University of Birmingham’s research landscape, the Institute of Advanced Studies continues to harness intellectual capital across the University and beyond to the wider international community.

About the IAS

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Promoting interdisciplinary research
expertise at the University of Birmingham.


IAS Workshops and Events


Find about our forthcoming events which explore 
cutting-edge issues in research through 
cross-departmental collaboration.



The IAS Suite

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Our new space for Distinguished Visiting Fellows
and visiting researchers enhances the
University’s research environment.


Propose an IAS Workshop

Find out more about our available funding
programmes, workshops and fellowships.


IAS Distinguished Visiting Fellows 


Bringing outstanding academics from 
prestigious institutions around the world for 
research collaborations and the enrichment
of campus life here at Birmingham.



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