Work, Wealth and Wellbeing Research Group and Network

The Work, Wealth and Wellbeing research group and network has its home at the University of Birmingham and the inaugural event was the WWW  Institute for Advanced Studies workshop on 9 September 2013.The WWW group identifies a number of key research questions linking work wealth and wellbeing and  four core interdisciplinary research work streams embedding linked research projects for future development.



Aims of the Work, Wealth and Wellbeing research group and network

  • to bring together people interested in undertaking research and policy development in Work, Wealth and Wellbeing
  • promote and cross-discipline dialogue around the policy/research literatures in this field
  • explore/integrate theoretical approaches
  • facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations discuss potential research tools
  • discuss approaches to dissemination and impact

Core Research Work Streams

The initiative comprises three core work streams and a cross cutting work stream:


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Latest Developments

News, events, workshops, publications, links, blogs

WWW Co-ordinators

Prof Fiona Carmichael

Prof Jo Duberley

Business School

College of Social Sciences

Dr Anna Phillips

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

Life and Environmental Sciences

Dr Jessica Pykett

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Life and Environmental Sciences

Dr Steven Sadhra

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Medical and Dental Sciences

Les Wright

Workplace Wellbeing

Human Resources

WWW Associate Co-ordinators

Prof Beth Grunfeld

Coventry University

Dr Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani

Curtin University

Network Members

Sarah Aldred


Dr Hareth Al-Janabi


Dr Holly Birkett

Business School

Prof David Booth


Dr Harriet Clarke

Social Policy

Prof Joan Duda


Prof Lindsey Dugdill

University of Salford

Dr Marco Ercolani

Business School

Valerie Fender

ONS _ Newport

Dr Fiona Fylan

Leeds Met.

Nicola Gale

Social Policy

Sandra Glenn


Dr Lisa Goodson

Social Policy

Yohko Hatada


Claire Hulme

Leeds University

Dr Ricky Joseph

Social Policy

Sue Jowett

Health Economics unit

Dr Daiga Kamerade

Social Policy

Jesse Kigozi


Dr Ansgar Koene


Dr David Lain


Prof Mary O'Mahony

King's College London

Dr Lorna Porcellato

Liverpool John Moores

Tracey Roberts


Monica Pinilla Roncancio

Social Policy

Rebecca R Rosewarne

College Academic Policy Partner (LES)

Nahid Saiyed

Student Services (Wellbeing)

Lea Samek

King’s College London

Jonathan Shapiro


Cathy Shneerson


Prof Stan Siebert

Business School

Karen Steadman

The Work Foundation

Melrose Stewart


Dr Tyna Taskila

The Work Foundation

Dr Amanda Wood .uk