PhD Students

  • Lesley Smith  (2015) Sexual behaviour in Reformation England
  • Alistair Ritch (2015) Medical care in the workhouses in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, 1834-1914
  • Fran Badger (2014): Delivering maternity care: midwives and midwifery in Birmingham and its environs, 1794 – 1880
  • Guy Houghton (2013) The influence of the National Health Service on general practitioner postgraduate education in the context of the development of general practice in Birmingham
  • Elaine Boyling (2012) Quakerism and therapeutic environments: dynamic resources in the management of a therapeutic Community 1962-1995
  • Stuart Wildman (2012) Local Nursing Associations in an age of nursing reform, 1860-1900
  • Antonia Morgan-Forster (2011) Climate, Environment and Malaria during the Prehistory of Mainland Greece
  • Sarah York (2010) Suicide, Lunacy and the Asylum in nineteenth-century England'
  • Andrew Williams (2008) ‘A Work of time, accurateness, attention and judgement: studies of paediatric neurology/neuro-disability and child health in the early modern period
  • Richard Moore (2008) ‘Competitors for Custom: the medical marketplace and the emerging medical profession in nineteenth-century Shropshire, 1835-1865.’
  • Sue Snoxall (2007) Gynaecologists and the care of British women from the 1930s to the 1960s

MA Students

  • Tony Green (2013) ‘Territorial Army general hospitals in the First World War.
  • Janet Berry (2012) ‘ Patterns of Philanthropy: John Avins and his Charities in Nineteenth Century Birmingham.
  • Gill Marchment (2012) ‘The Role of Self-Help in Establishing Modern Health Care Services: an example of a friendly society in Staffordshire Moorlands.’
  • Stephen Western (2011) ‘The Royal Army Medical Unit and the First World War.’
  • Alistair Ritch (2010) 'Sick, aged and infirm' adults in the new Birmingham workhouse, 1852-1912
  • Mary Nejedly (2010)‘Care, Cure or Custody: admissions to Warwick County Asylum, 1855-1895.’
  • Christine Mann (2008) ‘Occupational Hazards of percussion cap manufacturing in later nineteenth and early twentieth century Birmingham.’
  • Roy Fell (2008) ‘Friendly Societies in the Midlands in the Nineteenth Century
  • Laura Holloway (2007) ‘The vaccination debate in Birmingham 1854-1900
  • Anna Lyon (2004) ‘The Sick and Lame Poor: a patient history of the General Hospital.’