Health Service Mapping

The WMCSU health intelligence team provides a Geographical Information System (GIS) service to map health and healthcare services across the West Midlands.

We have access to a large number of organisational boundary and contextual geographical data sets from the Ordnance Survey, Office for National Statistics, the Department of Health and academic networks. We use the latest ArcInfo GIS software to manage our geographical data warehouse and to combine it with health data to produce maps. The service supports our other works by mapping services, need and utilisation patterns for health needs assessments and service reviews. The service can also respond to bespoke requests.

Below are three examples showing the latest configuration of West Midlands Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), their relationship to the Commissioning Support Services (CSSs) (map 1); their defined geographical boundaries (based on assignments of LSOAs) and the location of their GP practices (map 2). Map 3 shows an enlarged view of the CCGs in the Black Country, Birmingham and Solihull areas, highlighting the disparity between the defined geographical boundaries of the CCGs and the location of their practices.

Geographical Boundaries

Geographical Boundaries and GP Practices

Geographical Boundaries and GP Practices