Research in Medical and Dental Sciences

We are dedicated to performing world-leading research with the ultimate goal of improving human health.

Our world-leading collaborative research areas include:

  • Applied Health Research

    Our internationally leading experts help to tackle global societal challenges, from occupational health risks in the UK and Europe to childhood obesity in China.

  • Cancer and Genomic Sciences

    We make a powerful contribution to understanding how genetic abnormalities within cancer cells lead to disease.

  • Cardiovascular Sciences

    We are world leaders in several areas of cardiovascular work, including research into the behaviour of platelet cells, white blood cells, atrial fibrillation and angiogenesis.

  • Clinical Sciences

    We deliver world leading innovation and excellence through research undertaken at the interface of healthcare disciplines, translating discovery science to patient care.

  • Immunology and Immunotherapy

    We have a strong history of immunology research dating back 30 years, with one of the greatest concentrations of scientists and doctors in the world.

  • Inflammation and Ageing

    From basic science to community exercise classes, we cover every aspect of research into and treatment of inflammation-driven illnesses.

  • Metabolism and Systems Research

    Changing lives and advancing knowledge through innovative metabolism, maternal health and hormone research

  • Microbiology and Infection

    With one of the largest groupings of microbiologists in the world, we are at the vanguard of innovative research into combatting antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance.


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  • Supporting new research

    We provide a range of comprehensive support at all stages of research

  • Postgraduate research

    We have a range of opportunities available for aspiring researchers.

  • Research Fellowships

    We are committed to attracting the brightest and best to develop their academic careers at Birmingham

  • Birmingham Fellows

    Welcome to our Birmingham Fellows, who recently joined a number of our Institutes

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A recent survey undertaken by the University of Birmingham is believed to be the first cross-sectional survey to examine the various factors influencing the uptake of a potential approved COVID-19 vaccine.

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