Our impact

Medical researcher

For more than a century, research from our University has created a major impact on the city, the region and the world. Our early research has had a lasting impact on lives, culture, industry and society: our current research aspires to do the same.

In the 20th century we pioneered transplant surgery, the use of microwaves and created artificial Vitamin C. In the 21st century we continue to break new ground.

We are harnessing viruses in the fight against cancer

Researchers at Birmingham have successfully used a herpes vaccine to attack and kill cancer cells. This is a leading discovery in the development of future cancer treatments. Find out more about cancer research at Birmingham

See the breadth of our research impact in Engineering and Physical Sciences

We are developing the fuels of the future

Birmingham has research groups working on generating cleaner fossil fuels and nuclear engineering, as well as developing new fuel cell technologies including hydrogen. Find out more about engineering at Birmingham

We are helping to shape the future of the NHS

Academics from our Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) have called for a radical overhaul of the adult social care system for an ageing population in a report commissioned by the Department of Health. Find out more about HSMC

We are exploring the past to protect the future

Archaeologists from Birmingham have recently discovered a major ceremonial monument less than one kilometre away from Stonehenge, using the latest geophysical imaging techniques, re-writing our understanding of this world heritage site. Find out more about Archaeology and Antiquities

We are developing robots to retrain the ageing brain

Researchers in Psychology and Computer Science are using advanced techniques in computing and robotics to discover more about how the brain learns, ages and recovers from severe injuries, stroke and degenerative or developmental neurological disorders. Find out more about Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics (CN-CR)