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The School of Chemistry is committed to tackling current and future scientific challenges, and our current research priorities, facilities and infrastructure put us in a strong position to achieve this. Of course, to do this, we also need enthusiastic and enterprising young research workers who are eager to learn, determined to succeed, and committed to carrying out research to the highest standards of excellence.

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This site contains information on the main areas of research activity within the School of Chemistry and provides a guide to prospective postgraduate research students interested in studying in the school. We hope that they convey some of the excitement that we feel about our research, and some of the atmosphere of enthusiasm and vigour towards research that characterises the School of Chemistry.

We believe that you will find the School of Chemistry in Birmingham to be a stimulating and invigorating environment in which to carry out your research; we also believe that you will find that the facilities and opportunities that we provide for research allow us to compete successfully with other laboratories worldwide.

Teaching and learning within the research environment

An international atmosphere

At the present time there are over 100 postgraduate students and postdoctoral research fellows, carrying out research across a broad range of chemical disciplines, and brought together by a common enthusiasm and commitment towards research. Over 40% of the young researchers in the School of Chemistry have come to Birmingham from outside the UK, and this contributes to the strong international atmosphere that is a major feature of the School of Chemistry.

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