Undergraduate study in English literature and language


English can be studied at Birmingham in a number of ways: as a Single Honours degree, as one half of a Joint Honours degree, and as a component of some Major-Minor combinations. Full details of these courses are available through the links below.

Our English language and literature undergraduate degree courses

English BA

As an English undergraduate on our prestigious BA course, you will develop expertise in analysing literary texts across the whole range of English literature, from medieval to modern. You will learn about manuscripts and book history, supported by the [more...]

English with Creative Writing BA

If you love reading and you have a passion for writing, this course is for you. Like all students of English at Birmingham, you will study a range of literature from across all periods, from medieval to the 21st century. As a student of Creative [more...]

English Language BA

We all use language every day, but how many of us stop to think about it? The study of language demands discipline, observation, exploration and imagination. Some aspects, like phonology and grammar, ask for particular attention to detail, accuracy [more...]

English and American Literature BA

This exciting, transatlantic literary programme of study allows you to gain a broad knowledge of English and American Literature, with increasing specialisation year-on-year, whilst also enabling you to develop a broader range of interests (in, for [more...]

English undergraduate open day talks

Dr Kate Rumbold delivers the 2013 undergraduate open day talk on studying English Literature.

Dr Alison Sealey delivers the 2013 undergraduate open day talk on studying English Language.

Dr Luke Kennard introduces the BA English with Creative Writing course at the University of Birmingham undergraduate open day 2013.

Dr Danielle Fuller delivers the 2013 undergraduate open day talk on studying English and American Literature.