Research in English Language and Applied Linguistics

The Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics has been at the forefront of research in English Language and Applied Linguistics for over forty years and we continue to make cutting-edge contributions to the field.

We have a thriving English Language Research Journal and hold weekly research seminars as well as frequent thematic workshops.

In the area of corpus research we are well known for our theory-led approaches and for the strong impact that our work has had on language teaching and dictionary development. Current developments include innovative quantitative approaches with large data sets, applications extended beyond teaching into other disciplines, corpus explorations of academic English, and interdisciplinary discourse.

In the areas of discourse analysis and stylistics, our department is known for its development of several highly influential discourse analysis frameworks, as well as revolutionary ideas on evaluation and phraseology. Current developments include a focus on everyday creativity, new media and multimodality, figurative language, language, gender and the discourse of ageing, historical linguistics, and the politics of English.

In the areas of language teaching and translation studies, we are traditionally known for our corpus-based approaches to both teaching and translation, for which we have acquired an international reputation. Current developments include a focus on English for academic purposes, Cognitive Linguistics and its applications to language teaching, and the role of metaphor and creativity in language learning and translation.

Research groups