Dr Maggie Kubanyiova

Dr Maggie Kubanyiova

School of Education
Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics

Contact details

School of Education
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom
Room 410A

Maggie's research focuses on second language learning and second language teacher development. She has taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Slovakia and Thailand at primary, secondary and higher education levels, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in the UK and has worked with language teachers from all over the world, particularly from China, Japan and Slovakia.  She is a Programme Leader for MA Education TEFL.


  • PhD (Nottingham, UK)
  • BA/MA (Nitra, Slovakia)


She is programme tutor for MA Education TEFL and module tutor for Second Language Learning and Communicative Language Teaching modules. She contributes to the MA Social Research programme with a course on Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis (using NVivo).

Postgraduate supervision

She supervises dissertations of MA Education TEFL and PhD students on L2 learner motivation, L2 teacher cognitive development and motivation, classroom discourse and communicative approaches to second language teaching, and welcomes expressions of interest from prospective PhD research students in any of these or related areas. For more information on research degrees, you may visit the Postgraduate Research pages.


Her interests lie in three key domains: instructed second language acquisition, language teacher development and research methodology. She is particularly interested in language development opportunities in teacher-student interaction and in the social psychological processes of instructed SLA, especially L2 motivation and group dynamics. The other broader area of research interests concerns language teachers' development with a particular emphasis on language teachers' cognitions, identities and visions. Exploring how language teachers change as a result of in-service teacher development course has been the subject of one of her large projects, aspects of which have been described in several publications. She has developed a novel empirically-based model of Language Teacher Conceptual Change (LTCC) which is described in detail in her book, Teacher Development in Action (Palgrave, 2012). Finally, she is interested in aspects of research methodology, particularly grounded theory ethnography, research ethics and classroom-based research.

Other activities

Maggie was awarded University of Birmingham's Teaching Excellence Award in 2010, which recognised her outstanding contribution to the student experience through creative and innovative pedagogies for engaging students in collaborative enquiry-based learning,  journal feedback and structured input and for the commitment to students' continuing professional and academic development.


Selected publications


Dörnyei, Z. and Kubanyiova, M. (in press) Motivating learners, Motivating teachers: Building vision in the language classroom.Cambridge:CambridgeUniversity Press.

Kubanyiova, M. (2012). Teacher development in action: Understanding language teachers’ conceptual change.Basingstoke: Palgrave. 

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Hobbs, V., & Kubanyiova, M. (2008). The challenges of researching language teachers: What research manuals don’t tell us. Language Teaching Research, 12(4), 495-513.

Kubanyiova, M. (2008). Rethinking research ethics in contemporary applied linguistics: The tension between macro- and microethical perspectives in situated research. Modern Language Journal, 92 (4), 503-518.

Kubanyiova, M. (2006). Developing a motivational teaching practice in EFL teachers in Slovakia: Challenges of promoting teacher change in EFL contexts. TESL-EJ, 10 (2), 1-17. http://tesl-ej.org/ej38/a5.pdf 

Book chapters

Kubanyiova, M. (in press). The knowledge base of language teachers. In C. A. Chapelle (Ed.), Encyclopedia of applied linguistics: Blackwell.

Kubanyiova, M. (2013). Towards understanding the role of faith in the development of language teachers’ identities: A modest proposal for extending the research agenda. In M. S. Wong, C. Kristjánsson & Z. Dörnyei (Eds.), Christian faith and English language teaching and learning: Research on the interrelationship of religion and ELT  (pp. 85-92). New York: Routledge.

Kubanyiova, M. (2013). Ethical debates in research on language and interaction. In C. A. Chapelle (Ed.), The encyclopedia of applied linguistics (pp. 2001–2008): Blackwell.

Kubanyiova, M. (2009). Motivating Thai university students with radio drama. In A. Smith & G. Strong (Eds.), Adult language learners: Context and innovation (pp. 141-147).Alexandria,VA: TESOL.

Kubanyiova, M. (2009). Possible selves in language teacher development. In Z. Dörnyei & E. Ushioda (Eds.), Motivation, language identity and the L2 Self (pp. 314-332).Bristol: Multilingual Matters.