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Posted 20 February 2017

Solar geometry sheds new light on a major Constable work

A re-examination of the iconic John Constable work, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, has found that the original 1831 exhibited version of the painting did not have a rainbow – and that it was added later to correspond with the time of his best friend's death over a year later.

Posted 16 February 2017

Birmingham develops blueprint for future Indian cities

Researchers at the University of Birmingham worked with children, young people and their families living in a new urban development in India to understand the everyday experiences of urban transformation – with the results informing the future development of Indian cities.

Posted 14 February 2017

Pregnant fossil shows bird and crocodile ancestors gave birth to live young

Dr Stephan Lautenschlager has written a piece for The Conversation, in which he discusses recent compelling evidence that a species of archosauromorphs previously thought to venture onto land to lay eggs, gave birth to live young. The group of animals known as Archosauromorpha includes crocodiles, birds and their ancestors the dinosaurs.

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