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The Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) is the leading academic centre for research and teaching on local governance and strategic public management. We enrich the world of local public service with research evidence and innovative ideas, making a positive difference.

Helping you develop yourself...

Helping you develop yourself...

Explore complex issues, question conventional thought and address challenges in Public Management, Administration, Public Service Commissioning and Local Policy and Politics.

Helping to strengthen your organisation

Helping to strengthen your organisation

Our research bridges the gap between the academic and the practitioner and has a major influence on academic and policy audiences. We produce a range of publications from our research.

Forthcoming seminars and short courses

Forthcoming seminars and short courses

If you are an employer looking for a course for your employees, or an individual investing in your own personal development, we offer a diverse range of courses and pathways of study and development.

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Posted 28 February 2017

What is an elected mayor and why vote for one?

Written by Professor Catherine Staite, Professor of Public Management. "The more people who turn out to vote for the mayor, the more able he or she will be to exercise their soft power in the region and to demand more powers from central government."

Posted 21 April 2016

Blog: The May local elections: A selection of those in the metropolitan boroughs

Written by Chris Game. Chris Game is a Visiting Lecturer at INLOGOV interested in the politics of local government; local elections, electoral reform and other electoral behaviour; party politics; political leadership and management; member-officer relations; central-local relations; use of consumer and opinion research in local government; the modernisation agenda and the implementation of executive local government.

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