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The School of Government and Society is one of the leading UK and International centres for governance, politics, international development, sociology, public management, Russian and European studies.

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Our research

The School is committed to excellent standards of academic research, policy work and related knowledge transfer activities.

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Study here

As a student here, you have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of events, with some or all of the costs paid for by the School.

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News and events

Keep up to date with the latest news and events from around the school and the wide-ranging projects our staff and students get involved with.


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Posted 29 April 2016

"Brexit" Attacks President Obama...and Avoids the Issues

One might be surprised that a prominent British politician would begin a comment about US President Barack Obama with a historical lie. One might not foresee an ethnic slur against the American leader. But that is exactly what happened last week when the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, used The Sun newspaper as a platform to denounce Obama's visit to Britain

Posted 25 April 2016

Drone Security: Why we need to develop new safety procedures

"The need to develop new procedures for drones [RPA] to operate safely in or near controlled airspace is a matter requiring urgent attention in order to ensure air safety and to assure public confidence." Birmingham Policy Commission on the Security Impact of Drones: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK, 2014.

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