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Posted 26 May 2017

The Manchester attack: what do the security measures mean for the UK moving forward?

Written by Professor David Hastings Dunn, Professor in International Politics. "With this level of activity questions need to be asked whether enough is being done to resource the Police and Intelligence Agencies for the considerable challenge that they face. This is true not just in tracking the potential perpetrators of actual plots but also in educating the public and potential family members in what to look for in a radicalized and alienated individual."

Posted 25 May 2017

May's Mid-Campaign Wobble or Something More Serious?

Written by Professor David Cutts, Professor of Political Science. "The result could be a double-whammy blow to the Conservatives: losses to the Liberal Democrats and Labour hanging on to more marginal seats than was widely expected. So it will be interesting to see whether the consequences of May's social care u-turn will be reflected not only in increasing support for Labour but also for the Liberal Democrats."

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