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Pharmacists at work




In 2011 the University of Birmingham’s College of Medical and Dental Sciences made a decision to bring Pharmacy research and teaching into its wealth of existing subject areas. Already established in Medicine for over 100 years, the College recognised an opportunity to integrate Pharmaceutical teaching and research into its health based portfolio.

This investment into Pharmacy by the University has a wide impact in prescribing, medicines optimisation and research being able to augment clinical pharmacology and translational research providing novel drug delivery systems and medicines formulations. Increases in life expectancy associated with a greater use of medicines will require pharmacists equipped to perform a significant role in medicines optimisation and healthcare teams. This development will have a significant impact on patients and students on a number of programmes and will pave the way for vibrant, well qualified Pharmacists of the future.

Birmingham is well placed to develop Pharmacy activities being at the heart of one of the largest and most diverse populations in the UK and having a wealth of large hospital trusts and dynamic General Practices. The University’s strong relationship with the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT) and their new Queen Elizabeth Hospital which sits adjacent to the Medical School building is a fantastic opportunity for our both our students to gain firsthand experience in a world class facility and for our staff to work in partnership sharing clinical and research excellence via our Birmingham Health Partners agreement.